Posted by: Vancian Notions | August 27, 2009

A view of brine

Hey guys!

You’ve no doubt noticed I’ve not been around the last 2 months…no, wait, the last 2 weeks. Damn different flowing time.

I’ve moved myself and the crew off to a little demi-plane to get a new ship built. Was told about this place by that friend of Frala’s – you know, the investment banker guy. Already forgotten his name, although he probably won’t forget the 1/4 million worth of promisiary note he’s loaned me. Still – I’ve got 2 years to pay off 300 grand, after completion of the building.  Shouldn’t be a problem.  Oh…if there are any people wandering around the castle or the merchant business, they’re probably surveyors – something called ‘collateral’ I think, to do with my shares in the ships and so on.

Anyway, I was supposed to be telling you about Brine!

Fascinating place. It’s a demiplane – adjoins the elemental plane of water and Arboria. It’s split up into three parts; a seemingly endless ocean on one side (although taking some of the new crew out for a training mission I found out that 50 miles out you end up somewhere else on the ocean out there, 50 miles way from Brine (the plane being named for the city, of course) facing the city. Boy, did that sensation ever make some of the new dogs sea sick!

The city itself is pretty huge – or at least would feel that way if I’d never been to The Spire. Probably about 3/4 the size of our city, give or take. Or at least…you could walk around it in somewhat less time than walking the walls of the spire. But its internal dimensions sometimes seem not to match its external dimensions. Drake would wet himself with excitement trying to work out how they did that.

All I know is that I can walk for hours along the docks, and never run out of new pubs to visit. Lots of fascinating folks – the city tries to keep itself pretty neutral, and the law of the land isn’t what you’d call ‘strong’. Local thieves guild are colourful chaps – had been trying to get along with them, paying appropriate tithes and so on. Then a small group kidnapped a few of the workers on the ship.

I’m sure you can imagine how well Ella took that. She’s been really enjoying herself here – good clean air, the smell of the ocean, people doing the wrong thing we can punish. She’s been talking a lot with Cally about those things.

Speaking of Cally… (You remember Cally; She’s one of the Marines. Apparently a paladin of freedom – I had no idea! But her and Ella have been talking alot. (Now I get henpecked twice, hooray! (Ok, Ok Ella…it’s not henpecking. You’re teaching me the error of my ways; yes yes yes. Look, Cyrah can probably hear you from The Spire!)) Anyway – she’s the shorter of the two, with the pale blue hair). So, Cally’s apparently proposed to Joker – and is hoping you, F, will be one of her bridesmaids. And, boy, did it nearly cause a blue with Jim when she first asked me about it; Cally’s a bit of a traditionalist and so asked my permission to propose; Jim thought she was asking me to be the priest. I might as well have been a lobster!

Oh, anyway, more about Brine – So big ocean (which is amazingly refreshing to swim in – must visit the elemental plane of water one day!), and the city. On the other side is a river – a slightly odd one, it’s apparently the waters of the river Oceanus about 5 days a week, and the Styx the other 2. Only which is which is random, so swimming is pretty high risk. Lots of boats come down to trade with the city and have new ships built – which is what Brine is most famous for. Oh, and even the demonic folks who visit respect the peace of the town – the town has a fairly massive force of defenders, mostly gith (who take a fair deal of objection to questions about them following either the Zerth or Gith herself – some kind of third group?) who it would appear built the demiplane in the first place.

On the other side of the river (there are a couple of big bridges) is the most amazing forest – trees of every kind imaginable. And a regrowth rate that is just amazing – it’s actually (apparently) really easy to get lost without a good guide, which I can believe – in my short trip in, I saw trees growing fast enough that you could see it. Must make hauling out of the back half of the forest hell!


Anyway, I’ll see you in a while. Might miss your birthday, Frala – I’ll let you know. The ships chief architect – well, more about him in the next letter.



PS: Someone help Gug with the big words.



  1. Dear Ness

    You are NOT ALLOWED to miss the birthday party. Unless you really have to. But then only if you send me a REALLY BIG present!!

    Tell Cally I would love to be her bridesmaid. I can organise the wedding and everything. Fun! Lots of pastries – I’ll get Paunchy to make the wedding cake. it will be spectacular! I know what a Paladin of Freedom wants. We have to stick together.

    By the way, Tarsia and Kendo and Karriko aren’t with you are they? Have they come to visit? They seem to have disappeared. It is a little odd. We would get Drake to look for them, but he’s “deeply focused” on some research and can;’t be disturbed, Whatever. I’m sure they’ve just gone mushroom picking or something.

    Gug is having lots of arguments with the builders at the castle – it is very entertaining to watch. I have to use all my diplomacy to stop the architecct huffing off when Gug threatened to impale him when he started talking about cornices again.

    And Cyrah says “let the fish spirits follow you and take that which is wordly leaving you wiht enlightenment.” I think that means “hi”.

    See you soon. Kisses to Jim.


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