Posted by: Vancian Notions | August 29, 2009

The ship itself

Work on the ship continues at a reasonable pace. By which I mean: I’m told it will, eventually, look like a real ship.

I’ve got the chief shipwright’s drawings of the first two levels (the top deck (and forecastle, where the main rooms are) and the middle deck (where most of the crew will sleep).

top deck2

It’s a little bit hard to see here – the copy wizard isn’t worth his money, I can tell you! But in the main castle we’ve got my room (the big one, at the back), the officers mess and war room (to the north of that), a female officers room (the one next to mine) and a male officers room. I figure you guys will use those, mostly, when we are all aboard the ship. (By the way; If you want decent furnishings – not that there is room for much more than the beds – you’ll need to send me some extra cash.)

Other side of the corridor from them is the first mate’s room, and a temple of Procan next to that. The officer’s kitchen is tucked in behind those.

Oh – and I’ve added a small stable for Fion next to the castle. The design couldn’t really withstand large enough internal corridors for a unicorn, so it’s on deck. Still, it’s enclosed and nice enough. Probably. (I’ve also include a small space adjoining that for a little shrine to Valerian – not big, but Jim’s eye was getting twitchy enough as is. You’ll need to supply whatever iconography should go inside it).

Midships, we have,  space for the rest of the crew. I won’t go into as

middle deck2

much detail; you can check it out when you come to visit or I bring it back to the castle. Directly below the castle is where the marines and junior officers are quartered. We’ve also got a space for a trading officer; I guess some of that will still occur. You’ll also notice the Ballistae mounted on each side. I’ve given up the idea of having enchanted Ballistae – too damn expensive. Enchanted bolts will do just fine.

Total ships compliment will be about 150 – mostly tucked into hammocks and bunks in the Ballista chamber and the area forwards of that.

Anyway, lots to do – see you all soon enough! Now I have to track down that damn Turk and discuss some of the special features I’m after…




  1. Dear Ness

    We are well pleased that there is a shrine to Valerian. Remember to paint it pink!!

    You are more literate than we supposed. I guess all that elf life-span means you learn something.

    Kisses to Jim

    Love Frala

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