Posted by: Vancian Notions | September 7, 2009

Greetings, Crab Worshipers!

And Procan did say: blessed are those with claws, but not of red.

Hello guys! Ness is busy but wanted me to write to you all (It’s Jim, by the way – Cally and Joker are hear as well helping me. I tried to write this one my own but apparently sending a message not using any vowels isn’t kosher, even if it is cheaper.)

Anyway, Ness has been really busy. The chief shipwright/Mage – the Turk – is a bit of a fascist nutjob. No real concept of people not wanting to do it his way, but he can do mass scale magic like nobodies business. Also has a metal hand; very odd chap. Also doesn’t like the idea that while the ship is being worked on Ness might be elsewhere, so he might not be able to make it to your Birthday, F. (And when I say he dislikes people not doing things his way, I mean he really dislikes it; rumour has it he disintegrated one of his work crews a decade or two back for cladding the left side before the right side on some ship.) Anyway, he’s trying for that. He’s been a bit odd lately; spends a lot of time, when not overseeing the work on the ship, in his room stroking his sword.

(Cally just had to leave the room; I think she must have a stitch or something)

We’ve had a couple of fights since we got here – a few groups of Lobsters, but we showed’em the wrath of the sea pope, by jove! But like I said – Ness has been getting all confused from his discussions with Ella and is occasionally wondering about, you know, making sure people who get killed deserve it and stuff. I tell ‘im that if they get killed, then Procan wanted it and the crabs can eat ‘em. Not that that stops him and her in all circumstances; there was a puppeteer troop on the docks near the shipyards. There isn’t any more. Dunno if they got killed, but they’re gone.

Oh, Cally’s back; she wanted me to say that before you fully agree she needs to have a chat with you, in person – Ness wasn’t supposed to ask that directly. And I was not sulking!

Anyway, ship construction is going pretty well. I reckon we’ll be ready to come back about three or four weeks after your birthday, but most of us should make it. Joker’s still keen to do some juggling and comedy, although given your  parents are going to be there he might need some new material! The marines will be there too.

Oh, and: Nope, we ‘aven’t heard from Kendo or those others. Will keep an eye out.

Anyway: May you claws be sharp and your shell full  of meat,



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