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Found this in one of the markets – it’s an old saga. Not sure what the original language is – the girl’s will bring the scroll to the party. Some of the translation is kind of iffy, but thought this might be the sort of thing you’d like.

A fragment of an old poem about the Godswar


Pelor stood, against the dark

Caddltyr1 burning in his hand

Lloth’s horde surged forward, mad with lust

to meet the Dawn Lord’s stand

The demon Gruufort was first to reach,

a twisted horror of legs and eyes

But swift twitch of sun’s quick wrist

and he – and a dozen – cried their last cries.

Relentlessly her army pushed

to try to make the Dawn Lord die

but all their might, they might as well

have tried to smash the sky.

‘Gainst him the were as glass ‘gainst stone

no ground could ever gain

the strongest of them would become

a burning, ashen stain.

The dawnlord fought for 15 days

and every foe dispatch’d

But lloth’s armarda ever came

for ever downed, a dozen hatch’d

Even a God might miss a stroke

as so many foes come hobbling

He’d slain a hundred, a thousand foes

but was scatch’d by a Goblin

Though Pelor thought of that scratch naught

lloth’s laughter rocked his soul

And sunrise realised, suddenly

That poison’s spider’s goal

Though gods ignore such, normally

The spider knows her foes

And Pelor knew, that very soon,

He’d die, as his strength goes

So Daybreak gave a mighty roar

As death burned in his vein

And so the light was vanish’ed

across the Astral Plane.

And all across the multiverse

The people knew his pain

as they endured endless night

and new dawn never came.

Pelor’s desperate teleport

had ended him in peril

though not as bad as facing Lloth

’twas worse than facing Beryl2

His landing was in the Abyss

a long forgotten layer

he stood alone their, powerless,

his strength sapped by the Thaier3

The plane seemed ever desolate

a land of hellish stone

of burning and of steel

and of long-lost heat-bleached bone

But creatures did live here abouts

some deamons, wargs and beasts

when they espied him they came forth

to kill him for their feasts

For though the poison weakened him

the horde knew him divine

wanted to defeateth him

to eat his heart and spine

for god’s hearts blood is powerful

and can make power grow

they thought to be a newborn god

and spread their evil woe

But only one could claim the prize

so they fought like a rabid beast

but daylight knew, in his weak state

none of them could he defeat

Pelor tried to back away

but all sides hemmed him in

a ball of screaming claws and legs

of cacophonic sin

a girl reached out to Daybreak there

And whispered ‘come with me’

“I will not kill – you know it true

so please, now, let us flee”

The Dawnlord nodded his consent

She apported them from there

she seemed so stunning beautiful

with long, luxurious hair

But Pelor did not trust at all

he knew her looks a lie

he said “Deceiver, show your face!

I’ll know you ‘fore I die”

She smiled at him, eagerly

and gave a little trill

she said “Now, sunshine, don’t you fear

I Promised not to kill!”

“Oh no” she said “I’ll kill you not”

“You’ve something else I need!”

“I’ll be the mother of a god”

“I’m here to steal your seed”

“So choose, oh godling, what will be”

“What face will take your fate”

“This one, so pretty, good as gold”

“Or the dark one, filled with hate”

And as she spoke she chained him up

and tied him to her bed

her knife-like nails raked at him

he said “Your real head”

She shrugged and said

“it’s as you pick”

and so she showed her real face

so foul to make you sick

her face of rotted fishes’s flesh

with man-bones sticking out

she cocked her head and looked at him

and made a deathly pout

She tore the last clothes off of him

while cackling with glee

“and now” she said, with witches voice

“lets get that rod in me”

She rode him like a rutting beast

for hours long she’d ‘dance’

until she felt her belly swell

part of her evil plans

Once she was sure the seed had took

she mocked him, as she tied him tight

“Once he is born it’s he who’ll kill –

your child who brings the night”

“Thxustrzail4, we’ll cry his name

I’ll be his mother-bride

my patricidal hell-spawned boy

know on all-planes wide”

“Your power taken, none shall surpass

he’ll be the Basylking5

He’ll rule the worlds, me by his side,

my son, my everything”

She tortured him as belly swelled

godspawn grow very rushed

just 14 days and 13 nights

to birth the fruits of lust

She screamed in wailed in dark delight

the extasy of pain

he burst forth, full grown, as she sang

her terrible refrain

She looked in horror, as he stretched

a perfectly formed man

a chiseled, muscled, handsome god

with just a hint of tan6

The she bitch could not understand

how this could be her son

her plans to make the dawn lord lost

instead had made him won

Her son, the godling, turned to her

a tear upon his cheek

he looked at her, and loved the beast

but knew he had to speak

he knew full well his power, then,

knew how to end this gloom

his mother, loved, dark as she was

but knew he was her doom.

He touched her cheek

and she recoiled, feeling his mighty force

so he began his fated song

his heart filled with remorse

His voice was like a rising tide

a burning fire brand

a growing tree, a sunlit day,

the power of the land

His mother’s evil blackened heart

could not withstand such good

she crumpled down, dead, at his feet

as he had know she would

The song filled pelor’s every pore,

he felt his strength return

‘cross every world, ‘cross every plane,

the dawn’s light would soon burn

The dawnlord flexed, and shattered chain,

and walked to his son’s side

the handsome man, though illy got,

filled daylight’s heart with pride

His pride grew stronger as he saw

the tears of his son’s grief

the sadness at his mother’s death

his mind smashed on a reef

“It’s good to grieve” the Dawn lord said

“it’s any just son’s role”

“It’s good to know that even she”

“Had light within her soul”

“Though everything she planned to do”

“was caused by blackened hate”

“It ended with a greater good”

“Your birthing was her fate”

The son was not all that consoled

and cried out “it’s not fair”

“My song’s of beauty, happiness”

“Yet causes my dispair”

The dawnlord smiled and touched her, then

with his full godly might

returned the good she had within

to stand within his light

He looked at her, and softly said

“a second chance I’ll give”

“It’s yours to use, or waste perhaps”

“but once again, you live”

She smiled at him happily

(He’d left her darkness dead)

she promised to make good her ills

and reached to touch her head

No scars or scrapes, no awful skull

her form now beauty true

an aasimar or celestine

and not her former grue

So taken back by this she was

could find no words to voice

Dawn smiled at her and his son

and asked her new name choice

“Vaminor” was her swift reply

and Pelor smiled bright

she smiled back, now not afraid

to live in the sun’s light

The godswar did not finish their

Lloth’s plan did not avail

A new champion was found for good

an ending to this tale

So though the sun may hide its face

and shadows quell the light

the dark is always darkest

just before the end of night

And if you are imperelled

and you cannot face your foe

remember that there’s strength within

to help you place your blow

Remember that for every night

a dawn must follow soon

as sure as there’s a sun and stars

and monsters on the moon

And when it seems the grimmest

and so dark seems everything

that very soon you’ll hear a sound

the one they call dawns ring.

1Caddyltyr was one of Pelor’s weapons during the period of the godswar, although Jim tells me it was given to a human hero some thousand years ago on a quest and has not been heard of since. (Not that I trust Jim entirely on other gods, because…ow, stop hitting me! Fine. I trust Jim.

2The original parchment (included with what Cally is giving you) is pretty smudged here and none of us spoke the language (an old, old version of Elvish from the Parnish region, apparently). I have my doubts about this translation, but the guy we paid to do the translating swears it is correct, even at swordpoint, so who knows.(I’m also slightly surprised at how well the rhymes translate. weird!)

3Joker tells me ‘Thaeir’ translates as something like ‘sun poison’

4Sun eater

5Literally ‘king of the abyss’, a title that many demonic forces have aspired to but none have ever successfully claimed. Other related legends name the birth of the Basylking as one of the signs of the apocalypse.

6Honestly – I swear this translator is making this up. A hint of tan? Seriously?


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