Posted by: Vancian Notions | October 11, 2009

An update from Brine

Howdy all!

First things first – we got the new ship’s new flag back.storm crow

Pretty cool, huh? It’s magical, o’course – summons storms and lightning and whatnot. (When it the magic is fully on, you can see the bolts of lightning move and the crow flap her wings).

However, it’s not been all bloody magic flags and lollipops over here. Brine continues to be a nice place – well, all the bits which don’t involve the turk, anyway. Man is – well, can you imagine what drake would be like if he could drop meteors on people and had no social graces, honour or decency of any kind? But he is, I’m assured, not evil, just a totally self centered power-mad wizard. (The Turk, I mean, not drake. Well…)

He’ll probably be making an appearance at your birthday, F, as he finds it important to take an interest in those who owe him interest, if you know what I mean.

Which brings me to the next point: Turns out that loan was a lot more nasty than I had thought. It’s not just one big simple loan, it’s a lot of smaller complex loans all of which have slight strings attached. That gnome bugger is trying to protect their identities, but a few have made themselves obvious.

First off, the city of the spire is in for fourty grand, in the form of Sir Mallory Walton. You probably know him, but just in case – he’s one of the nobles in charge of the city Navy. Apparently our various exploits at sea – especially as relayed by wossisname, that little kid we had to babysit on the way down to Byzantia, who appears to have somewhat inflated what we did – have drawn me to the attention of the city and they thought I might be able to train some of the useless gobshites they call captains. (I mean, some of them are good at what they do, but anyone who thinks heredity is a good way to pick ship captains is sitting on the mast). So once a week for the last couple of weeks I’ve been shanghied into playing tour guide around the ship under construction (which is a pain – I’ve had to have a second set of the plans drawn up so as to not have them all know where the secret bits are!) and then take them out on some of the great sows they call ships and train them. It’s a good excuse to yell at rich idiots, I guess. (And I’m pretty sure some of the soldiers on a few of those training missions are keen to try a more, shall we say, free life).

I’ve also worked out that our Lady of the thieves guild is in for some of it as well. I’ve certainly seen Vincent hanging around in Brine a fair amount, and have received a few mysterious (and slightly perfumed) notes suggesting people I might want to consider hiring (or not) and some interesting questions to ask some of the nobs on the training missions. They haven’t asked anything direct yet, but…well, you know our good lady friend.

And the third one I know of (there are 7 groups, I think – one of them is a group of financiers headed by your little buddy, F, but I’m not sure about the other 2) is that damnable turk. He’s only in for 10 grand, and at the lowest interest rate of any of them, but he’s got a clause in his preventing any of that principle being payed off until all other debts on the ship are cleared. Apparently (and why does no one tell me these things in advance?) he does this on all the ships he is involved in building, so he can continue taking his annoying interest in the people for as long as possible.

Which brings me back to your birthday. Don’t annoy him if you can avoid it; stories I hear are he will occasionally kill people for very trivial things, or to see what it looks like (although, again, he is apparently not evil. Or so I’m told). But some of the gear he has is pretty epic, from the little I know of wizardly things, and he has that arm…anyway, just play nice with him, ok?



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